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I have lately been fielding a lot of comments about my body. I'm used to remarks about my appearance; "you're very pretty" and "you look very nice" are long-running themes in my life. Strangers stop me on the street and get me to take out my earbuds so they can tell me how much they like my hair. All I really ask is that you have enough social acumen to start out with 'nice outfit' instead of 'nice ass'.

Some women are bothered by the compliments. I'm not. They are nice things to say and I appreciate that people make the effort to say them, but to be frank, they don't make much of a dent. It's more 'oh, someone is being pleasant,' than, 'oh, someone has passed judgement upon me, and it was favorable'.

Enough of the comments are startled and/or worried that I finally coughed up the twelve whole dollars for a scale, just to double check. For everyone's edification, I currently weigh 125 pounds. This is a perfect…
There is a lot going on in my life right now. Some of it I can't tell you about for confidentiality "project not finished yet" reasons. Some of it I can't tell you about for personal "not my story to tell" reasons.

Some of it I can tell you about, so here it is.

We've just finished the Circlet Press Writers Retreat for 2018. We livetweeted most of it, and you can read the shenanigans at the hashtag #porncamp. I gave a short talk on Accents: How To Not Annoy The Reader With Them, which at some point I'll probably write up for the Circlet site, and I finished my homework, which was reading part of the slush pile for an anthology we're referring to by the working title "Safe. Sane. Consentacle."

I'm currently in rehearsals for Mrs Hawking: Base Instruments and Gilded Cages. We're performing at the Watch City Steampunk Festival on May 12, 2 pm and 6 pm. In between our shows, a couple of our friends are performing with I Sebastiani …