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I ended up at a post-show meeting with one of the burlesque troupes after the last event I worked. I'm sure the actual contents of the meeting are ©®TM Sirlesque GmbH LLC and not to be shared, but it doesn't matter -- I don't even know why I was there. I'd just asked what was going on after the show, on the theory that if someone else knew who would serve me a cheeseburger at midnight on a Thursday I probably ought to follow them, and Ricky didn't so much ask me as tell me that I was coming back to HQ with the rest of them.

Ricky is intensely and intentionally very sharp about a third of the time. The other two-thirds, he is a mass of random impulses, which he tends to follow just in case they're one of the sharp ones and he hasn't noticed yet. He is too smart to stuff me into his hatchback and drive me anywhere he doesn't want me to be, but why he made that decision is a mystery. Ricky does not explain these things, even on the odd occasion where he ca…
I see from Wikipedia that Malaysia Airlines 370 is still considered missing. I also see from Wikipedia that a thousand conspiracy theories have already sprung up to account for that. Apparently some people do not deal well with loose ends, or just aren't aware that there are quite a number of aircraft that have crashed and were never found.

I realize that it is de regueur to blame terrorists for everything up to and including the late night pizza joint getting your toppings wrong, but there are several previous losses that fit the same profile as MH370 -- that is, an aircraft that flies silently on in an unexpected direction long after all radio contact with the humans on board have been lost, and then stops pinging after a length of time consistent with running out of fuel and nosing into terrain. (Well, in this case, ocean.) All the ones I know of have been decompression incidents. If the cabin loses pressure in an explosive fashion, generally the oxygen masks drop down from the…
NStar has apparently figured this shit out on its own. Sort of. There was already an orange thing on our porch this morning that indicated that they'd tried to reconnect us, but couldn't because the main breaker was still on. They hadn't contacted any of us or the landlady to ask us to turn it off, but I choose to see this as progress nonetheless.

Jazmin and I are pooling our limited funds to drink by candlelight tonight.

The power is out at our apartment.

Correction: The power has been shut off at our apartment, for non-payment. Specifically, Joel Guzman owes NStar over $1300. I have no idea what this has to do with us or our electric bill, because no one named Joel Guzman lives in our apartment. But it has resulted in our power being shut off nonetheless.

I don't think they can hold us liable for a bill in someone else's name charged against an account opened under someone else's SSN, but I also don't know how much of a deposit they'll want to restart the power under one of our names, or if they'll need it immediately. My net worth is currently about $17. One of the two responsible roommates is gone until the 20th.

I had to fuck off to someplace with functional wifi to do any or all of the jobs that bring in money, and maybe find out if I could fix the power thing online. Except this did not work. I picked BPL Copley, because no one can fucking get me at the library, only…