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Weekly Album: David Bowie - Blackstar


Happy Ratmas!

Ratmas has come slightly early this year, as two of the four are on their way out, and I didn't want them to miss getting a third holiday just because I insisted on hewing to human schedules. They don't know what day it is anyway. They got new bowls, new boxes, new hammocks, a new cage cover, and more food than any four rats can reasonably eat. One of my dear friends gave the rats a chew toy and a bag of yogies to share last year. This year, she has escalated, and got them each a bag of cookies. Tagged and everything. I can only assume one of the tribbles figured out how to work the phone, and got to her in the meantime.

Plus they got a dish of egg nog, because everyone loves egg nog. I used one that I sincerely hope they cannot tip over.

It is not the most elaborate Ratmas I have ever come up with, nor the most thorough cage cleaning I've ever done, but I'm sick and exhausted, 50% of them are sick and exhausted, and I figured we'd all rather be warm and comfortabl…

Advent Calendar: Mannheim Steamroller Christmas


Advent Calendar: Yet more ashens

Yes, Stuart Ashen has been filming Christmas specials for seven years now, and releasing them unto the masses. Watch him buy cheap Christmas tat at Poundland and mock it, so you don't have to! Also, if you're a fan of weird retrogames, buy his books, Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of, and Attack Of The Flickering Skeletons: More Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of.

Advent Calendar: A Very Special Christmas 3


State of the Blogger

Not great.

I try to do something new every December, to keep myself occupied while everyone else fucks off to spend time with family. This year I was costuming a Christmas show. The director asked me personally. Seven of the eight actors, and the vast majority of the tech people, were wonderful human beings.

One of the actresses is also a costumer. She did not like, or possibly did not comprehend, the idea that someone else was in charge of the dresses. She argued with every. single. thing. I pulled. For everybody. At every stage. I don't know how she was able to spend so much time hanging over my shoulder while she was also supposed to be rehearsing. Nothing was right. Ever.

I made it all the way to the cue-to-cue, when a different member of the crew cornered me in the ladies dressing room, badgered me until I cried, then did it harder until I ran away and locked myself into a bathroom to make her stop.

I told the production manager I was leaving the building. It crossed my mind …

Advent Calendar: Big Clive lights up some candy

Big Clive gives a brief tutorial on how to make jelly babies light up! Try also here if you'd like to hear how he used to work with the serious Christmas lights for a municipal display, before he struck out on his own to entertain the rest of us.

Advent Calendar: A Very Special Christmas 2


Advent Calendar: 12 Days of Glitchmas!

A+Start, bringing you a dozen highly amusing video game glitches. I can't figure out how the hell to embed playlists from YouTube anymore, but if you turn on AutoPlay it should run through them in order. I think.

Advent Calendar: A Very Special Christmas


Advent Calendar: Candy Cane Cake!

Yolanda Gampp, Canadian cake-sculptor extraordinare. I have no idea why I'm so addicted to this channel, since I basically never have time to cook dinner anymore let alone bake elaborate dessert items, but I am, and it's glorious. Paw through the suggested videos for other insane cake-based miracles.