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Saturday Serial: Superman #3

Due to a medical emergency, this blog will be on official hiatus for the next several days. It's not much different than what's been going on, except you don't have to bother refreshing any day but Saturday, when the scheduled serial posts run.

Emails can be sent to, but will not likely be answered for a while.

Saturday Serial: Superman #2

Well, one of the remaining roommates -- who is not me or Jazmin, for the record -- has evidently decided that it's just not important to pay his rent anymore, so it looks like we're getting evicted whether we like it or not. I don't intend to actually kneecap him, just think about it very, very hard.

I am past the point where I respond at all well to stress. Mainly what happens is I sit here and cry. This is especially fun since I've somehow caught pinkeye. I don't know if it's viral/bacterial or just mechanical (e.g., got crap stuck on my lens and didn't notice until it scratched something), but it's just as unpleasant either way. So if you're wondering why I haven't answered your email, done the rest of the dishes, auditioned for your show, cured cancer, etc., it's because I can't stop shaking and sobbing long enough to get it done. I can slap on a pretty face and go do the jobs that require me to stand around in public smiling, but I …
Hi, guys.

I just wanted to assure you that I am not dead, although sometimes it really seems like the universe is maybe trying to encourage me to give the fuck up and become a hobo.

A lot of things have happened in the past couple of months. I have decided, much to my regret, that there is a particular social group I am just going to have to give up on. They purport to welcome me, but either they don't know what that means, or they're lying to spare my feelings. Some of them are probably being earnest about it, but they can't or at least don't make up for the people who aren't. As Captain Awkward is fond of saying, people who like you act like they like you.

Conversely, people who like you act like they like you! I can commit more of my time now to the people who do in fact seem to value my presence. Some of them offer volunteer experience, some of them a chance to perform, occasionally some freelance work, and in at least one case I get the satisfaction of having …

Saturday Serial: Superman #1

Among aficionados of vintage superheroes, the Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons are the stuff of legend. Produced from 1941 onwards, these short theatrical animations are considered classics, beautifully made and surprisingly influential on the history of the original comic book. Prior to these, Superman super-jumped from place to place, hence 'leaps tall buildings in a single bound'. The Fleischer people thought that looked ridiculous, asked if maybe he could fly or something? And that turned out to be a great idea that was written into the comic continuity as well.

They're also all in the public domain, which is why the transfers are unfortunately so rubbish you can tell even on YouTube. Lots of blotches and scratches on the film. Sad, as they're also a wonderful mix of vintage stretch-and-squash animation and human movements done by trained figure-drawing artists.

Saturday Serial: Captain America #15