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It is once again time for me to take stock of "things I think I should do" vs "things I want to do" vs "things I will actually do", a tripartite Venn diagram which often involves very little intersection.

I have been taking a barre class on and off for the past several months, because if I'm going to pretend I'm a real dancer now, I should probably do dancer things. It's not been going great. I've generally assumed it's because I have no idea what I'm doing. My overall strength and fitness is fine, but I don't know most of the ballet vocabulary (speaking actual French is useless most of the time), and even English phrases like 'don't drop into your knees' mean nothing to me. I've been trying my best anyway.

The last time I failed at something, I assumed that I just wasn't good at that particular ballet whatzit, and commented that I'd just go off and do the thing until it stopped hurting to do it.