Apparently it is still possible to hang out on these here internets and not be aware of the breathtaking rapidity with which rabid slash fans will pick up new favorite people.

Yes. There is Stark/Banner slash out there already. I'm pretty sure it was out there before the movie finished its opening day. I had a look at it, once I managed to stop laughing at the entire blog entitled "Tony Stark Has Sex With Everyone". It obeys Sturgeon's Law just like everything else. Most of it is crap. Some of it is decent porn. A small amount is decent even for not-porn. None of it is at all unusual for slashfic, although unlike the anime stuff, very few people are using it as an excuse to mangle another language.

For the record, that was not where my brain went when I saw the movie. The part I found strangely charming was where the one man who must not be upset on pain of Hulk decided that his favorite Avenger was the one whose third-favorite hobby, right after playing with science toys and being unnecessarily reckless, is irritating the fuck out of people to see what happens. This is exactly the sort of serendipity that confuses and horrifies people in real life, and almost never happens in the movies, because it doesn't occur to anyone else that it might make perfect sense.

Also, if the idea of the two genius nerds together breaks your brain, you should probably be aware that the more traditional couple here is Tony and Steve. Have fun figuring out that one.

[Edit: Fixed assorted typos caused by thumb-smashing this on the Kindle in the library courtyard while some guy was trying to chat me up with "I'll teach you Spanish". I must have LINGUIST written on my forehead or something; the last time, it was a guy in a sandwich shop offering to teach me Arabic.]