Dear media: Please think of some new inane questions, I am tired of the old ones. Thx.

Seawall drew my attention to this a few days ago. Aside from the fact that this is one of the most unoriginal questions invented since "Hey, baby, what's your sign?", and the fact that she showed up to talk about a role she played and got asked about her ass instead, it's also boring journalism. I can tell you how she got into the catsuit; anyone with a shred of common sense knows there are only three answers she could possibly give to this question, should she roll her eyes and choose to humor the twit asking.
  1. Nothing. This is entirely possible, though rare. Some people are just shaped like that. One of the nice things about humans is that we come in a wide variety of forms. Some of them are bound to be shaped like Catwoman no matter what they do.
  2. Eats very little and moves constantly. This is how most people do it. Sometimes it's intentional, sometimes not. I never mean to, but I have such an irregular schedule that I forget to eat a lot of the time, and I have been known to hoof it from Tufts to Harvard for the explicitly-stated reason of "because". Functionally speaking, over the long haul this isn't really any different than dieting and working your ass off in a gym.
  3. Has a lot of serious problems. You know and I know that a lot of people in Hollywood take drugs. A lot of people on Planet Earth take drugs, too. This is something that people only admit to in the past tense, unless those people are Keith Richards or possibly Robert Downey Jr. Eating disorders are also something you admit to having only after either getting therapy for them or being checked into the hospital for "exhaustion". She is never, ever going to cop to this in any case, so asking this question expecting this answer is rather quixotic at best.
Seriously, guys. There does not exist a big book o' Diet And Fitness Secrets that stars are hoarding away from the eyes of mere mortals like ourselves. They try the same miserable things everyone else does, only they're contractually obligated to make it work no matter how daft it gets. Personal trainers and nutrition counselors are business expenses for them.

We already know all this stuff, so how about asking her a question about something that only she can answer? Like, say, how she approached a very iconic character within the context of an updated film setting? Or maybe whether she was a fan before getting the script, and what research she did before she began rehearsals?


  1. I was actually really impressed with the way Anne managed to turn that back around on him.
    Whatever network or show this guy works for needs to stop sending him to talk to female celebrities. This is the same douchewaffle who asked ScarJo what kind of underwear she was wearing under the bodysuit in The Avengers, or something equally idiotic and misogynistic.

    1. The question itself is not misogynistic. You could have also asked RDJ what he wore under the Iron Man suit and it would have been equally idiotic, although he would have thought it was funnier. The fact that he only asks the idiotic questions of women is the misogynistic part. And I quite agree that he needs a new job, ideally not on TV.


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