Let's check the weather forecast for the next day or two, shall we?


Tornadoes in the Bayou, says The Weather Channel. Apparently we're all gonna die.

Snow in the Deep South. Also all gonna die.

Still digging out the Midwest. All gonna die.

Round two of whatever that was that soaked NoCal expected. Gonna die, usw.

Winter Storm Euclid (wait, we're naming all our precipitation now?) scheduled to sweep across the entire country, leaving chaos in its wake. We're all definitely gonna die.

Except me, apparently. Boston is scheduled to be cloudy and just around freezing, at about 50% relative humidity, with light snowfall starting early Christmas Day and tapering to a stop right around sunset. The airport hasn't even noticed, and they're prone to issuing warnings whenever they feel the tarmac will be slightly damper than normal. I feel almost guilty.

Also, have a random space-related Christmas story.


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