The cosmos are being helpful again. For some reason, whenever I suddenly develop an interest in someone, about 50% of the time they will suddenly turn up everywhere -- actors will be back on TV after a hiatus, people who have no idea what I've got my nose into will mention them, someone will express that they want a musician's new album apropos of nothing.

In a particularly egregious display of helpfulness, it turns out that the US National final figure skating round winners-go-to-Sochi thing is being held in TD Garden this weekend. Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are doing commentary.

I have severely mixed feelings about pestering celebrities who are not specifically doing meet-and-greets or signings.. but, on the other hand, Weir is generally nice about it, he freely admits he likes having fans, and his book did turn up in the mail a little bit ago. (It's very pink. And he's wearing one hell of a pair of shoes on that cover.)

I'm slightly more tempted to go down to North Station tomorrow and see if I can locate his cloud of omnipresent fangirls. They do know he's there -- aside from the live commentary bit, he was tweeting from one of the Garden cafés the other day, and tagging it thus. Gibbery fan communities scare me and fascinate me at the same time. I can't make myself be that loud about my adoration for something, but they can, and I always hope that one of these days I'll figure out how that works.

[Edit: It's still disconcerting to live in a city where Fascinating People come to Do Things. I have a hard time remembering that getting to anything even remotely interesting isn't going to involve a four-hour drive. I also routinely have to remind myself that I am now north of New York City, thus explaining the weather.]

[Edit 2: Seriously, y'all, if you have an opinion, weigh in here. This is not so enormous that your advice one way or another will wreck my life, but I have a long history of being poor at judging when I am exercising an appropriate amount of social restraint, and when I am staying home strictly because I am a complete chickenshit.]


  1. No harm in checking the situation out, surely. As long as you're not interrupting his meal or somesuch, from what I can recall other celebs having said, they usually enjoy being greeted by fans. Tell him you like his work, say it was nice to meet him, and then vamoose - you in particular might have to be careful you don't start talking his ear off.

  2. What they said: no harm in looking, or requesting a signature, or telling him you appreciate his work. Maybe figure out a good juicy question to ask - that delicate balance between softball and so detailed he can't remember what specific moment you're referring to?


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