Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a food-based holiday for USians, so naturally I am celebrating it with RAT. This year, Yuki is thankful she's still around for Giant Meal For No Reason Day -- three rounds of any given holiday is a pretty good run for a tiny furry ball of genetic defects. She's lost both sisters, but seems to be doing fine as an only rat. As usually happens with only-rats, she's gotten a lot more pushy about climbing the cage door to let me know it is Time For Rat-Tending NOW, but mainly, Yuki seems to be enjoying being able to nom all of the new holes in her nest box herself.

In addition to her customary new box to shred and new bedding to roll around in, Yuki is also getting her own tiny Ratsgiving dinner. Observe:

Salad with dressing and buttered crust of bread, rosemary chicken stew with mashed potatoes and peas, and for dessert, egg nog porridge with a dab of jam. No, I never have much to do over the holiday weekend, why do you ask?

She is actually getting this over a couple of days, because it's far more than even Yuki, the Massive Waddling Belly, could possibly eat in one sitting. (Not kidding, She is hee-yooge. Jazmin calls her "Ocitita" -- Little Girl-Bear. She's certainly fat, but beyond that, she's just a very big rat.) And I made Thanksgiving dinner for me, not her, but don't tell her that; she's happiest when she thinks she's being spoiled beyond all reason.

Also, I'm getting Ferrero Rocher chocolates for dessert instead of porridge. Don't tell her that either, because I'm not sharing.


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