Woke up to Yuki having breathing problems. Was expecting this soon; we've reached the point of rat hospice care where I just move the cage to a spot right beside my bed, in case she wants attention. Stole a boot box from Jazmin and gave Yuki a sedative and now figuring how how to get her to the clinic in a way she'll hate least.

I still owe them for Edelweiß. I called and warned the receptionist that I had no money. They are the MSPCA and I am showing up at Emergency Care so I'm pretty sure they'll take care of Yuki anyway, but someone will probably be upset with me afterwards. Story of my life.

[Edit: Fuck. Giving me some sedatives too, so I can get us on the fucking train,]

[Edit2: I don't think I can do this to a rat who is still with it enough to bitch about being put into a box. Fuck fuck fuck.]

[Edit3: False alarm, maybe kinda? I think something woke her up and made her freak out, which made her start trying to scale the cage wall, which made her realize she can't really climb anymore, which made her freak out even harder. Eventually she made so much noise that I rolled over and saw my poor rat trying, and failing, to escape her own pelt.

I gave her some phenibut in preparation for a horrible train ride, and aside from subsiding into a somewhat liquid state, she seems to be okay with life again. I'm just like, you know what, rat? I know exactly how that fucking feels. Have all the drugs you want.

She's turning up her nose and glaring at me if I try to feed her anything less than her treat foods, but if I give her those I have to fight her to get the spoon back. She seems fine for now, I guess? Or as fine as a decrepit old rat on her way out is going to be.]