Rat Babble

Day Two of Open Cage: No one has fallen out. Success so far! I still close it when I sleep and when I'm not home, just in case, but I can probably quit doing that soon.

Xyzzy is coming out very rex-y. The thing about rex rats is, their coats wax and wane. Their fur comes in straight-ish, then they basically molt, then their fur comes in curlier, then they molt again, etc. It makes them tricky to show, because they spend about 75% of their lives looking like a toddler who's given himself a haircut with safety scissors. Xyz currently has a big thinning patch on his haunches, and a bald spot right on his nose. Jazmin has already started referring to him as a "scruffy little nerf-herder".

It's Xyzzy [zɪ. ziː] and Plugh [pluːx], by the by. There's no official pronunciation for either, so far as I know -- they come from a text adventure -- but Plugh doesn't exactly rhyme with Grue [gɹuː]. Flathead, I should hope, is self-explanatory.