My trip to the urgent care clinic got me, in addition to some pretty decent drugs and a set of X-rays done by a tech who also has EDS run in her family, a referral to Sports Medicine over at a nearby hospital. I never in a thousand years would have thought to ask for that. Sports medicine is for people who do, you know, sport... type... things. Right? I just dance. Maybe a lot. Like an hour a day. Or so. Plus I'm at the studio twice a week. And I'm starting to pick up students. Someone recently asked my rates. Unprompted.

Shit. I'm not good at this, okay? My computers can all update themselves without supervision, I don't know why I can't.

I did tell the doctor at the urgent care that I was aware that I should stay active so that my joints didn't rattle around quite so much, and that to that end I'd taken up dancing. The referral to SM suggests that she took "dancer" and filled in "serious" or possibly "professional" on her own. It's possible she got that from a combination of the way I look and the way I move and the specific injury I came in with. More likely, it was the part where I admitted to having ignored it for two weeks while trying to walk it off, and also where I gave one of my reasons for caving and coming in as 'my gait is going funny and I don't want that to wreck my knee'. Dance tends to combine serious athlete ideas about 'no pain no gain, do it perfect every rep' and the traditional feminine training of 'be effortlessly beautiful at all times, and also shut up because your personal complaints don't matter'. There's a reason that when one of my friends started writing YA superhero novels, he made his Batman-analogue character a hardcore ballerina.