An incomplete list of things I would like to wrench out of my head before I die:

  • The YA superhero book I started for NaNo and had to put down because the 2016 election had me in a state of mortal terror;
  • A "non-fiction" retrospective that purports to shed light on an unsolved murder, as written by a historian in the unspecified, but moderately distant, future;
  • Another "non-fiction" work about a series of artists, whom the author (who may or may not be insane) claims has made a deal with the devil, the terms of which are that they will gain incredible fame and fortune, at the price of their single greatest masterpiece remaining forever unfinished;
  • A mystery involving a Holmesian detective who, unbeknownst to himself, is not just brilliant at deduction but also psychometric. He is forced to deal with the implications when he encounters a crime to which he "knows" the solution, but cannot reconcile this with the fact that he was personally in a different room with the culprit during the only time the crime could have been committed;
  • The tale of a house that is not a house, run by a man who has no past, wherein dreamers provide the power for a machine that performs vast sequences of calculations, and a woman's visions circle persistently back to a train, a cedar trunk, and the scent of fresh snow;
  • The story of a princess and her itinerant castle, a broken clock permanently stuck at two minutes to midnight, thaumaturgists, thanaturgists, a clockwork tiger, and a girl both blind and deaf who jacks into nothing and gains an understanding of the color red;
  • Two hit men who find their targets already dying, a discussion in German in the back of an aeroplane, a missing baby, and the strange deaths of her father, the military pilot, and her mother, who collected butterflies, wore an extra belt, and strangely ran away from her child when danger loomed;
  • A point and click adventure game involving time travel, mad science, bored hotel desk staff, a convention of ghost hunters, a missing debit card, and the worst band in the world;
  • An interactive fiction game where a young woman (who neither speaks nor reveals her name to the player) searches for her vanished father in a city of lost things;
  • Another point and click adventure game where people who need to find things hire a team of interdisciplinary misfits, including cat-like alien warrior woman, a genderfluid/genderfree/mischievously ambiguous swordsperson, twin engineers, a cthuloid psychiatrist, talking candy-colored rats, and an almost violently eccentric team leader whose reasons for getting into the dimension-hopping business are murky at best;
  • A series of linked five-minute mysteries involving a loudmouth detective, her quiet yet distractable sidekick, a surprisingly reasonable policeman, a ditzy hacker, and a pair of dashing cat burglars locked in some sort of spirited competition;
  • A collection of essays culled from this here blog, plus some new material, in proper book form with editing and everything.


  1. This reminds me of the Sandman episode, "Calliope ", in which an author is cursed with endless inspiration and, running our of paper and pen, ends up writing his ideas on a wall with his worn and bloody fingertips...

    1. You'll need to add a few more limbs to that. This list does not include any of the many knitting projects, costumes, coats, and dresses I'd like to make if only I had the budget, or the dance/movement numbers I would like to polish and perform. The video game projects do happen to encompass a lot of the visual art I' d like to get right -- I sketch in pencil on paper or Bristol board, then generally scan things and use a tablet for digital color -- and the landlord is storing an old but rather nice (has a stand, looks to be 60+ keys, has enough buttons for a few dozen patches at least) keyboard in the basement I've been eyeballing. I do technically know how to play piano, but the formal method is of limited use to my cross-wired brain; I'm half-hoping that if I just bash around with a synthesizer for long enough, I'll develop some sort of idiosyncratic method of getting music out of my brain and into MIDI.


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