I apologize for the lack of intelligent content here lately. It is summer. Summer is hot. Heat does not agree with me. I have become an indolent puddle, mainly made of an emulsion of apathy and discomfort. On the rare occasion that I scrape together the wherewithal to move, I am surprised to be reminded that I still have bones. Many of which I can see in the mirror now, because the one thing I am doing is making repeated trips to the dance studio. It's free, they like me there, and someday I may accidentally make some progress.

Otherwise, I tend to do things like lie here listening to four solid hours of Dateline Mystery on YouTube, because I can't be bothered to turn my head far enough to the right to actually watch it.

As far as I can tell, this is another one of those weird symptoms I can't do anything about. It is fatigue unrelated to sleepiness. More sleep and more food do not alleviate it. Nor does double Bronkaid, for that matter, which is a dose of ephedrine that would normally have me unable to sit still for several hours.

I have started to hate light. I have a constant, cracking headache, and a general inability to concentrate which might be related to the ow or might be be directly due to the heat, I dunno. I'm getting plenty of water, as gauged by the number of times I have to squeegee myself off the wooden floor and walk to the bathroom, so it's not that.

All of the above are considered symptoms of heat exhaustion, so I presume that's what's going on. I also presumed the two available AC units for the apartment were going to go one to a bedroom, inasmuch as this happens to me every fucking summer and I also have small dependent animals that can't cool themselves, but the second one has been installed in the kitchen/living room, and a note pasted to the hallway door requesting that everyone keep it closed, specifically so the unit is not cooling the rest of the house. Thanks, guys.

[The rats have a fan, and when I'm home to take care of it, bowls of ice. They didn't quite know what to do with water they could chew at first, but they mastered the art of getting the cubes back into the bowl after they'd gnawed the corners off, and then cuddling up to the cold thing.]

There are other, less weather-related things going wrong, but I don't want to talk about them. I'm fixing them, or at least trying to patch them until they can be fixed. Having no money does not help, and is in fact one of the problems I'm trying, with mixed success, to surmount.


  1. I am similarly heat exhausted. I've been sleeping with icepacks and dreaming of getting an icey vest that motorcyclists wear on hot days (ha ha very expensive). Our cat doesn't like ice although she does love the fan: clearly, rats are smarter.

    1. I dunno about smarter. Probably just less concerned with dignity. Cats have a reputation to uphold, after all. The rats don't care how they look, as evinced by the fact that Flathead is currently atop their upstairs box, spread out flat in a puddle, with his tail and giant rat testicles hanging off the edge and aimed squarely at the fan breeze. Because those are the important parts. Obvs.


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