Goodbye, Grue. :(

I'm setting this to post while I'm at the vet with Grue. I scheduled the appointment a week ago. I seem to have timed it pretty well; he's not been eating anything I haven't been feeding him with an eye dropper or my hands, and as of this morning he's refusing even that. He made a half-hearted attempt to eat some of my seafood salad last night, but today I can't even get him to lick Ensure off my fingers.

He's gotten as much Tylenol as he wants. Acetaminophen poisoning takes 2-3 days to kick in, and by that time it won't really be his problem anymore. I hope it helped.

Grue was a very good rat. He received many pets, and ate many foods. He even knew his name, and occasionally came out for pets when I said it. He was scared of everything when I brought him home, and he was probably scared of everything until the very last, but somewhere in there he decided it was more important to be brave enough to come out and cuddle. He spent most of his last days and nights sleeping in the bed with Mommy, draped across my chest or smashed into the crook of my elbow.

He has been a most superlatively warm and squishy BES FREN, but he is clearly tired, and it is time for me to give him back to his brother. Flathead is undoubtedly wondering where his sidekick went, and His Lordship never did quite grasp the idea of patience.

Goodbye, baby Grue. I'll miss you.


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