Costume success!

When people ask what I've been doing lately, I tell them I've been making rat costumes out of socks.

First, they say, "Wait, you're making rat costumes out of SOCKS?"

Then, they say, "Wait, you're making rat COSTUMES out of socks?"

Finally, they get to, "Wait, you're making RAT costumes out of socks?"

Nobody ever questions the Avengers part, oddly enough.

Since apparently I am just talking to myself with the Chaplin stuff, I jammed the rats into their superhero socks and took photos instead. Behold, the Rat-Vengers, Earth's Mightiest Rodents:
Captain Rat-Merica


Thor, Rat of Thunder

Iron Rat


  1. They're so ADORABLE! I just want to squish them and snuggle them and feed them goodies forever and ever!
    You should post these on that exclusively-rat-pictures Tumblr you made!

    1. It took about a dozen tries to get a clear photo of Iron Rat. He is incapable of sitting still, ever. That's Kirk right there, so named because he has no off button and likes to go shirt diving. ADHD and loves tits? Of COURSE that one gets dressed as Tony.

    2. LOL SO TRUE! That's just ~perfect~!

    3. "Tony Stark, you're a rat."

      "Yes. Yes, I am."


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