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You remember when I linked to Daniel Radcliffe's guest stint on QI, and pointed out that he seemed to be a smidge terrified of Stephen Fry, despite the fact that he nailed the responses to several of the obscure historical questions that the panel wasn't even supposed to be able to answer? And Fry was trying so very hard to encourage him to have a conversation that didn't involve stuttering and accidentally calling him 'Mr Fry, sir'?

He has apparently gotten over it. That's from The Daily Mail, so you can ignore all the words on the page that aren't "Daniel Radcliffe hugs Stephen Fry goodbye outside of a restaurant somewhere in London," because they're probably either scaremongering or lying outright, but that's basically what happened. Not terrified anymore! Hooray!

Other than that, my only observation is that I thought Radcliffe ended up taller. Emma Watson must really be tiny.


  1. A lot of the other words on the page consist of (I paraphrase) "Newsflash: Daniel Radcliffe wears clothes." Perhaps they have not quite gotten over Equus?

    1. Ha! Their sidebar changes depending on when you view the page; when I was linking to it, a lot of the news was about the Royal Fetus, and how terrible the Duchess' official portrait was.


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