Continuing on my theme of adoring people who dress like lunatics, meet Kerli:

"Walking On Air"

She's Estonian, and does a lot of very cute, very clubby europop. She has about 90% of the wardrobe insanity of Lady Gaga -- she thinks stuffed animals are completely valid fashion accessories, even when you glue them to your shoes, but I've never seen her pantsless or wearing meat -- with 0% of the pretentious batshittery. She's kind of a bubbly kid.

"Army of Love"

She's terribly optimistic. It's almost Beatles-y, in a way -- as if she thinks if you sing 'all we need is love' enough times, it'll be true. We're probably not that lucky, but it's a nice thought.

Kerli is pretty dedicated to dressing like that at all times, if at all possible. It's a style she's dubbed 'bubblegoth'. She's also hardcore DIY about it -- if you go through her site, particularly her blog, she details where she gets all this mad makeup and bling, and by far the largest portion of it comes from thrift shops, Walgreens, and the nearest crafting supply store. She's even tweeted pictures of touching up her roots at home, hanging her head upside down over the sink.

She's also still a little stunned by actually having a career, I think. Someone asked her what was in the gift bags the first time she was invited to the Grammys, and she did exactly what any of us would have done, which was dump the entire thing out on her coffee table and post photos to the internet. I don't know how much she's earning from all this right now, but I really do hope it's enough for her to be legitimately making a living off of it -- it seems to make her happy.

"Zero Gravity"

Her new album, Utopia, drops on 19 March, with preorders available now on iTunes. The lead single is "The Lucky Ones":