Post Advent Boxing Day Treat: Big Fat Quiz of 2013

Jimmy Carr is joined this year by Jack Whitehall, Jonathan Ross, Dara Ó Briain, Kristen Schaal, Noel Fielding, and Richard Ayoade. As you might guess from the roll call, nothing in this quiz is normal. It's like someone rearranged the seating chart specifically to make sure the substitute teacher has the worst time possible. They slam Robin Thicke for being a slimy douche, Kristen questions the rationale behind British TV, Noel and Dara have a one-night stand on the apron of the stage, and then a turkey appears. Plus they start drinking.

A surprising amount of the quiz is US-friendly. Partly because of Kristen Schaal, I expect, but mainly because we also did a lot of moronic things this past year, and it would be unfair not to point it out alongside the video of that one British politician who decided it would be a good idea to accuse a reporter of being racist when said reporter pointed out that there are no black people on the cover of his brochure, and then take the aforementioned brochure and bonk the reporter on the head with it while trying to walk away. I've seen that clip more than once, and every single time, it takes me a few seconds to remember that's not Graham Crowden making an appearance on a satirical sketch show.


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