[Author's note: Sorry for the delay on this. The AC adapter on my laptop finally expired, and it took a bit for the new one to arrive.]

My sidekick sent me a birthday book with a brief note attached. It had only faint whiffs of hysteria, which is to be expected from someone in a very compressed RN program who has planned her next bout of proper sleep for May 2017. 'Congrats on leveling up you managed to move again without dying life is awful but here is a book happy birthday?' more or less.

I complain a lot here, I know. I have a lot of thoughts about stuff that goes wrong, and if I don't let them out they will circle around and around in my brain incessantly until my head kerplodes. Every so often someone tells me they appreciate reading it, because it makes them feel less like an alien when they think similar things.

Life is, in fact, not perfect right now. I've done something to my back again, and I confess to being utterly mystified by it. I have no idea what I did. I spend a solid 4-6 hours a week bending, stretching, contorting, juggling things, spinning hoops around, and throwing myself bodily from one end of a dance studio to the other, and the only injuries I get from it are the bruises on my legs where I got the timing wrong and hit myself with the umbrella. Go home, try to get up out of a chair, invent new swear words because suddenly something in my lumbar region is mad at me.

Also, I may be sick. My nose has decided to run continually, which may just be allergies. I can scrounge some decongestant, but it makes me jittery, and that plus nose problems makes me testy. It's like being a cokehead, only without all the fun parts.

Other than that, though, I am really not all that difficult to please. Observe:

Those are called fan veils, and in the hands of someone who is much much better than I am, they look like this:

Three of the sets (white-to-blue, yellow-to-red, and white) are cheap nylon practice fans from an outfit so sketchy the return address on my packages was some random apartment in China, but the rose ombré ones are actual silk, bought on clearance from a significantly less sketchy place. I want these, too.

I spent yesterday afternoon gluing rhinestones to the blue set, because of course I did. Everything is better when it's shiny. The white ones need to be dry-brushed with gold, or something similar -- I'm thinking it might work to wad them up and hit the wrinkles with some Krylon spray glitter. It's not the traditional way to decorate fan veils, but I don't much care.

I also bought some gymnastics twirling ribbons, which entertain me far too much for something you can order for $1.83. It turns out that you can just buy the sticks with the swivel hook attached to the end, too. We already have some grommet setting pliers in the house, and I know where to get 25 yard spools of polyester ribbon for about $3, so... I may be at this a while.

The point is, it's not that hard to keep me amused. Get me some colorful flappy tracers to dance with, leave me a bowl of vegetable ends to feed the rats, and I'm good for the day. I cope with long train rides through liberal applications of my library card.