Do you get paid for this?

Not so's you'd really notice.

I work as a tutor (paid and volunteer) and as a research consultant, mostly in IT. I also do freelance copywriting, technical writing, editing, and translation. I do take commissions for a variety of written work, and if you would like something written for you, please feel free to contact me at Likewise modeling; I haven't really done any since I moved to Boston, but if anyone wants to hire me I'll still take bookings. I am also working, very slowly, on a book, which I eventually plan to e-publish to Kindle and Nook.

Every so often, someone takes me to task for not giving them a way to send me money or random objects. This always weirds me out no end. I'm not used to anyone actually caring what I think to the point where they want to pay me to keep typing this stuff on a regular basis. I do run ads on the blog; I expect most of you don't know that, because most of the serious internet people have ad-blocking extensions for their browser. I run text-only ads through Google AdSense, and I get paid some pitiful amount for every gazillion clicks or hundred gazillion views, so if you feel like turning off the ad blocker while you read my writing, you'd be doing me a favor. I also sometimes link to books, movies, music, or other stuff on If you were going to buy it anyway, and do it through my Associates link, I get a percentage of what you spend, and you pay nothing extra.

If you feel the need to be more direct about it, I'm putting PayPal and Amazon Wishlist buttons in the sidebar. I don't exactly live in hope that this will work, but if someone is moved enough to buy me a Kindle, who am I to argue?