Dear Google, ILU

I just found Google Play.

Google Play gives you 20,000 tracks of storage for free. Not a space limitation, a limitation on the number of songs. That is horrifyingly brilliant and I'm kind of ticked nobody had thought of that before.

You can also buy music straight from Google Music on Google Play. Which you can then download from your cloud storage whenever, because you bought it, you should be able to play it on your gadgets. I like this idea, mostly because fuck iTunes, fuck it a lot. The only machine I've ever had that liked it is the Mac I'm typing on now. It crashes like a loaded starlet in a red Camaro every time I try to start it on the Windows machine. And DRM can just wither and die.

I've also been recently setting up an Ubuntu partition on the Windows machine, and have discovered, while updating Chrome on everything, that if I log into Chrome rather than just logging into Google, then my browsing history and extensions and a zillion other things follow me from OS to OS. It works like magic. The only reason I'm looking at buying a Netbook with local storage instead of a Chromebook running off the cloud is the remote possibility that I might want to open up the damn thing and type something while not near a WiFi hotspot. Mad, I know, the concept of "not being connected to the internet", but I'm told this still happens sometimes down in the subway tunnels. Sounds scary.

Google probably knows everything about me up to and including the color of the underwear I'm wearing right now (yellow, if you had a pressing need to know), and I don't care. I'm chronically poor, because I got a degree I liked instead of a degree other people liked, and the pay for brain-work is remarkably shitty. Google lets me trade information and the data they get when I "test" their never-ending beta versions for their useful things instead of demanding money.