When adorable things happen to adorable people

I use this blog to bitch. A lot. I feel like every so often I should spotlight things that don't piss me off. Here's one of them.

I am a huge Doctor Who fan. Screaming, really. Old and new. One of my most favoritest Doctors ever is Ten, played by David Tennant:

Tennant is a classically-trained dude with serious Shakespearean chops; his version of Hamlet with Sir Patrick Stewart is phenomenal, and I recommend everyone watch it. I don't even like Hamlet, and I like this one. He has furthermore starred in the funniest version of Casanova's story ever, with Peter O'Toole, and does an assortment of great voice work with audiobooks and as supporting characters in Big Finish productions, and so on and so forth. The short version is, he's kind of awesome.

Another of my most favoritest Doctors ever is Five, played, right around the time I was born, by Peter Davison:

Five is thoroughly adorable, boyish, charming, and frequently kind of confused. Davison is a favorite of mine both in this role and in others he's done; he also has a penchant for doing mysteries, and has made both a picture-perfect Albert Campion and a wonderfully hangdog Dangerous Davies on TV. He, too, does great work for Big Finish in their audios, although unlike Tennant he isn't under contract to the DW production offices anymore and can continue working as the Doctor. I highly recommend his Fifth Doctor audio dramas, particularly the ghost stories like "Phantasmagoria" (with Mark Strickson as Turlough) and "Land of the Dead" (with Sarah Sutton as Nyssa).

He was also one of the Doctors that would have been on TV when Tennant was in his childhood Doctor Who phase (as opposed to his adolescent Doctor Who phase, and his adult Doctor Who phase, culminating someday in his elderly Doctor Who phase), and disrupted filming on the new series inadvertently by coming to the set one day early on in Tennant's reign to say hello. The two of them also appeared together in a brief Doctor Who sketch for charity, where Ten greeted his former self with great glee, making a noise that is as close to squee as I think you'll ever get out of the Doctor, and gushing over Five's pair of "brainy glasses". (Ten has 'brainy glasses' of his own, although he often forgets them.)

This is Georgia Moffett:

Georgia Moffett is Peter Davison's eldest child (with actress Sandra Dickenson, his first wife) and only daughter. She was cast, fittingly enough, as the titular character in the new Who episode "The Doctor's Daughter", where she delighted rather a lot of people by being an adept enough actor to quietly pick up some of the Doctor's quirkier mannerisms for use in her performance.

This is David Tennant and Georgia Moffett, together, off the set:

Tennant was reportedly quite the ladies' man on the set, taking up with somewhere between three and six young ladies in the cast and crew, depending on who you believe. He somehow managed to do this in whatever magical way that particularly charming people can do that which results in no hurt feelings, or at least no seriously hurt feelings, from anyone involved. He took up with Georgia Moffett after working with her on the episode, and was said to be quite besotted. By all reports, it was entirely mutual.

The more astute of you may also notice that she is extremely pregnant in that photograph. Their daughter, Olive, was born about a year ago. So now "The Doctor's Daughter", who is actually a Doctor's daughter, has borne another Doctor's daughter. They got around to getting officially married on New Year's Eve.

I wish them all the happiness in the world. Sometimes things just work out so perfectly, you have to marvel.


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