So apparently it's Hurricane Day again, that magical time of year when New Englanders go out of their skulls and swarm out to buy random shit at CVS, because storm surges are going to wipe Cheeetos off the face of the planet or something? I don't know.

At any rate, while the coastline is in some considerable danger of flooding and property damage from Virginia up through Long Island Sound, nothing in particular is going to happen to me. As difficult as it is for me to remember sometimes, I actually live several hours north of New York City now. A lot of air traffic has been cancelled and the airport is under flood warnings -- and if that worries you, I'd like to point out that Logan is on an island in the bay, and that one of the main runways goes very nearly right to the edge of the water. It's a miracle the place doesn't flood every time someone fumbles their bag over the side of the ferry.

I have completed my Formal Hurricane Preparedness Preparation, by which I mean I made sure we still had toilet paper, that the Kindle was fully charged, and that I remembered where I put that fistful of glow bracelets I bought for no real reason last time I was at Michael's. I'm pretty sure I know where I put the  flashlight, if I still own one, which I'm about 70% sure I do. I've got enough caffeine to keep me awake for three or four days, and enough diphenhydramine to keep me asleep for about that long, depending on whether the power goes out and how excruciatingly bored I get.

The rats are running 0 for 2 on foretelling natural disasters. They were freaking out about an hour ago, but then I filled their food bowl, and they went back to sleep. Whatever wildlife the MBTA uses to predict the future is apparently more forthcoming, since they're shutting everything down at 2pm today.

I can still get to Twitter via cell phone; if you don't see any HALP WE'RE DROWNING GLUB GLUB posts on there, just assume I'm fine, the power is still on, and I'm screwing around on the internet as usual.

[Edit: And before some asshole gets on TV and tries to claim this is God's punishment for our sins, I would like to point out that all the storm trackers indicate Sandy is going to detour around the great state of Massachusetts. If God really hated the liberals, atheists, gays, eaters of lobster, and other assorted heathens, this place would already be a smoking hole in the ground, believe me.]