I'm on a train to Manhattan right now, Og willing, so in lieu of anything substantive, please have this here featurette of cool stuff pertaining to Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Interesting bits.

Stuff that caught my attention:

  1. Nobody asked Scarlett Johansson about what she was wearing under her catsuit. For once.
  2. Evans is giddy about throwing himself around in gymnastics classes. Really. I don't know where these happened, but he didn't do it at home in Boston -- there aren't a lot of places that do adult tumbling classes, and someone would have let it slip by now.
  3. Stan admits to using this role as an excuse to go on a months-long research binge about Cold War spies.
Also of note are a couple brief bits at the end where Evans is in costume but out of character. He has enough of the general good-natured surface traits in common with Steve that it's not obvious how much acting he is doing for the role until you see him not doing it. IRL, Evans moves like he's much lighter than he actually is, which was reflected very well when he was doing scenes at the beginning of The First Avenger, before Steve was embiggened by Vita-Rays, when he was whittled down by the VFX team; afterwards, Steve moves as if he is very conscious of how massive he's become and how much more space he takes up.