Snownarok 3.0! Well, not quite. More snow, but apparently in slightly saner amounts this time. Sort of Snownarok: Gaiden.

Binky has started having some mechanical issues with nomming. She is still definitely interested in food. As one of my earlier readers commented, I'm figuring "Bink-Bink will still throw herself bodily at mashed potato" is a pretty good surrogate marker for "Bink-Bink is not yet finished being a rat", so, although this is undoubtedly going to kill her in the end, I am solving the immediate problem by feeding her baby food. The first kind was something that purports to contain a healthy amount of vegetables, but in practical terms appears to be a jar of cheese sauce with some conciliatory broccoli molecules in.

The rat is absolutely ecstatic at this development. I occasionally give them some baby mush -- or a small can of wet cat food -- as a treat even when they're fine, and it always goes over well. Wait, foods I don't even have to chew? HOLY SHITFUCK SIGN ME UP!

This would be easier if Bianca didn't dislike being held for more than a couple of seconds. Normally by the time a rat gets to the baby food stage of dying, I feed them wrapped in a towel on my lap, so that their sibling rats can't be assholes and try to horn in on the sweet, sweet strained peas action. Most of them adore this because OMG FUDS N WARMS N ATENSHUN! It is basically the only last request you would ever get if you ran a Make-A-Wish Foundation for domesticated rats.

Binky for some reason is not keen on cuddling, and won't even consider eating anything if removed from her house. She's mainly getting fed standing on the cage door-porch contraption, which also means she is getting baby food absolutely everywhere. She's also having some trouble reaching some parts of herself to groom, plus she's too lazy/hungry/self-centered to stop inhaling her food for any reason, so whenever she gets goo on her wee little rat hands, she shakes it off by flapping her fingers. It goes in all directions. She nailed me in the eye with puréed fruit once. Accidentally, I hope.

The other two rats are less of a problem than one might think. Binky is a scrappy little runt with a Napoleon complex. Earlier today, Yuki -- who looks like one of those genetically modified leptin knockout mice, despite being the weeniest, most fussbudget rat I've ever seen about scrutinizing anything you feed her -- tried to insinuate herself between Binky and a spoon of apple-oatmeal-cinnamon goo, and got hip checked right off the top of the nest box.


  1. Binky sounds like an awesome little gal. i hope that she lets you cuddle her a bit before all things are done. *hugs* it is heartwarming how you write about her and the other rats.


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