I have noticed something about the Muslim ladies in Boston. One is that they can walk around downtown without being honked at by rednecks. This reinforces my feeling that I have moved to the correct part of the country. I used to wear a scarf wrapped like a hijab in Flagstaff to keep the snow off of my hair, and I got a billion times more asshole attention on the street than I ever did when wearing a micro-mini sundress.

Two, they somehow manage to find clothing that fits them properly. I am awash in a sea of people who have no idea how anything is supposed to fit and guess with questionable success, and yet the ladies in headscarves are wearing pants that do not drag on the ground, and shirts whose shoulder seams sit correctly, that don't end three inches too early when you happen to have boobs.

I figured out through experimentation that it is culturally acceptable to tell them you like their hijab -- they take it about like 'I like your hat' -- but I never have asked any of them where they shop for clothing. I figured the internets would provide, and indeed they have. A lot of them are just ordinary retailers that sell shirts with longer hems and pants with reasonable rises, but there are a few couture sites out there as well.

One of the ones that caught my eye is Inayah. Their prices are quite reasonable, even on worldwide shipping, and while some of their dresses would be overwhelming on someone not used to such voluminous garments, some of them are flat out gorgeous. Their lookbook is absolutely stunning. I'm someone who routinely wears outfits that have to be taped directly to my boobs for legal reasons, and I'd love to have one of their Reena evening gowns.

The Muslim fashion world seems to be one of the few places where you can always find wide-leg work trousers and palazzo pants. I like low-rise jeans as much as the next girl, but there's a lot to be said for the classics. Inayah also carry a lot of outerwear, so if you're one of those people who likes floor-length kimono cardigans and understated dusters, they've got a lot.