You all may have noticed that I am a sucker for police procedurals on TV. They're basically the only thing I care enough to watch all the way through. Jazmin and I are watching Cold Case -- to be strictly accurate, I'm watching Cold Case, she's sitting here tolerating my terrible taste in television and remarking occasionally on the music choices.

I refuse to feel bad for digging up this series online. The gimmick is that the flashbacks of what happened during all of the cold cases they work on are presented in period-accurate fashion. Cases in the 1970s are rusty red, mimicking the bias of television cameras of the day. Cases from the 1950s are shot to look like film, some pieces like 16mm home movies. One case from the mid-1980s has chroma separation errors, as if shot on a primitive camcorder. A much more recent case has flashbacks that reek of crap cell phone video. The costumes are accurate. The settings are beautiful. The dialogue is surprisingly accurate.

And all of the music is Top 40 hits from the appropriate year, which is why this thing is never, ever going to get a full legal DVD release. Music clearances would be astronomical. It's the same problem Daria had, except that it would work even less well to replace the music with pastiche covers, because the lyrics are quite often a commentary on the case at hand.

Jazmin is laughing at me, because the case on at the moment is from 1995, and I know all the words. I think she was somewhere in early grade school at the time. I was fourteen, and pop music had just about started to sink in. I wasn't a hundred percent into the grunge scene; I was a wee bit too young to care when Kurt Cobain died, and I have always been about zero percent in favor of that one particular style of alterna-grunge that involves wailing the entire song flat. Never been a fan of Alanis Morisette, or Sheryl Crow.

So far they've played Sophie B Hawkins, "As I Lay Me Down To Sleep"

...which sounds like nothing else on the album, nor anything else she's ever done, which kinda explains why I've never heard of her again.

And a couple of Hootie & The Blowfish songs:

They missed out on a few other things that were incessantly on the radio that year,

What things have gotten stuck in your head beyond all attempts to dislodge?