Another one of the comedians who keeps popping up in the shows I watch is Sean Lock. He's been on QI rather a lot; he's obstreperous on that show, very blunt, and likes to point out tiny logical flaws in arguments while ignoring the fundamentally absurd premise. He alternately tangles with and aids and abets David Mitchell, who is more than happy to duel with someone equally stubborn and sarcastic.

You'd expect his stand-up to be fairly angry, and there is a good amount of recreational outrage, but overall Lock is actually surprisingly Carlin-esque -- he mostly wants to either bang his head on the wall over the behavior of humanity, or just turn to them and inquire, "So, these words that keep coming out of your mouth... you ever think about what they actually mean, or is that a bit beyond your capabilities?" And if it turns out you're just stupid, that's all right, he'll just amble along and point out how ludicrous you are in tiny words you can understand.

Sean Lock Live is his first DVD release, and if you enjoy things that are funny from unexpected semantic directions, you'll love it.