To all y'all who have asked me "how do I put on makeup?": I cannot answer you unless you give me some idea of what you want to look like. "I want to look pretty," is NOT a helpful answer. Information on what you look like now, what your budget is, and how much trouble you are willing to go to in order to apply the stuff is also helpful, but I can literally give you nothing unless you tell me what your end goal is.

You are effectively looking for lessons in how to paint. Manet and Jackson Polluck were both painters; getting "Olympia" out of pigments and canvas is a hell of a lot different than getting "No. 5".

Your best bet is to find a picture of someone whose makeup you like and link me to it. Then I can tell you how to do that particular thing. Otherwise I'm helpless.


  1. Thanks for the eyeliner tutorial! I'm going to ask a related question -- if I wanted to make up a pale face like mine so that it looked good being photographed, and by "looked good" I meant "had features that didn't all blend together, but don't look like the headshots place at the mall," what would you suggest?

    I'm thinking photographed outside in natural light, without a flash.

  2. Can I ask about minimal and quick professional makeup for a managerial job?

    If it helps I have pink-and-white skin, brown hair, denim blue eyes (& wear glasses), and had my colours done as Autumn / warm & soft. Much less glamorous version of Kate Winslet.

    I am totally incompetent with makeup and want something basic and low maintenance.

    1. The quick and dirty answer is medium brown eyeshadow on the lid only, dark brown or brown-black eyeliner around however much of your eye you think looks good, and a little bit of mascara. Add lipstick, tinted lip balm, or lip gloss if you want, and try tinted moisturizer as a foundation if you think you look blotchy without it. If your eyebrows are sparse, you can fill them in with a pencil that matches them as exactly as you can find. Eye makeup is usually the most visible, where 'visible' is equivalent to 'good faith effort to fit in', which is probably all you want.


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