Still snowed in! The streets are being slowly cleared, but this is resulting in piles of snow over my head on the local sidewalks. Makes me nostalgic for college.

The state-wide driving ban was lifted as of 4pm, but nobody's bothering, because nothing's working yet. The T is shut down until Monday. Cape Cod is apparently scheduled to be frozen again tonight, but up here on the mainland we're housebound but fine. My weird Aura of Protection Against Power Outages seems to still be working; nothing even flickered here, not even the telecomm.

My house is reasonably calm. One flatmate is from Quebec City and the other grew up in Alaska. I think some of the neighbors are flipping out a bit, though -- I saw someone making frantic efforts to dig their car out of three feet of snow earlier. I laughed.

I was bright enough to go to the supermarket on Thursday and stock up on the four college food groups (cocoa, caffeine, ramen, canned soup) and top off the first aid kit (Band-Aids, antihistamines, booze). The rats also have plenty to eat, even the broken rat, who informs me that his favorite baby food so far is the stuff that seems to be nothing but puréed broccoli and carrots in some sort of cheese. I don't blame him. Hell, I'd eat that, if it came in bigger jars. The other two are bickering over a bowl of chickpeas, over which I just dumped the dregs of my mug of chicken soup. They've been given several handfuls of extra newspaper, in case they get cold/bored.

All in all, it looks like an unexpectedly peaceful weekend. I'm think I'm going to go paw through my music drive, and see if I can't build up my console emulator collection again. Anyone got any favorites? I think driver issues let out Dolphin, and I'm quite sure Tash can't match a 360 or a PS3, but anything at Emotion Engine level or below should work fine.