FOR SALE: Canvas folding chairs

Few things around here that need to go, before I shove off. There's a set of six canvas butterfly folding chairs out on our landing which apparently belong to nobody, and therefore now belong to me. I have no earthly use for these things, since I don't lounge about outside. Two red, two blue, two green, drink holders in the arms, 36" long when folded, each with storage sleeve /w carrying strap. $15 each or $80 for the set. Come pick them up yourself. Ping me at miss.arabella.flynn {at} if you want 'em.

More to follow, as I turn out all the drawers and cabinets in this place.


  1. Hi
    Can you post the pictures of your chairs so that we can easily move for further process..people usually likes when it looks attractive so better you post the pictures..

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