Vegas Hiatus, Day Four: Hello, Desert Dehydration

Moggie and I are at Salute To Supernatural in Las Vegas right now, and in the interest of not arguing too much with security at Logan, I have taken neither my own shampoo, nor any of my computers. Mog agreed to supply shampoo, as she's driving up from Flagstaff, but as for blogging and email, y'all are on your own. Here's something to listen to while I'm gone.

Everything I know about cars, I got from Top Gear and Car Talk, which is why it's probably a good thing I don't drive. I've been listening to Click & Clack since I was a wee bairn, mainly because my father was a fan of theirs, and both parents are a fan of public broadcasting.

My second day in the Boston area, one of my friends took me down to Harvard Square to meet up with someone. After I managed to get over Harvard Square (mostly; it's still one of my favorite places to hang out), I realized that you can look over from the main entrance to the T and see the window lettering for Dewey, Cheatham & Howe. It's right over the Curious George store. What this says about the monkeys on the radio is left as an exercise to the reader.