Vegas Hiatus, Day Six: At Least I Get To Fly JetBlue

I'll be back from my trip to Salute to SPN with Moggie today, but God only knows how conscious I'll be and whether I'll be up to wading through my email. In lieu of original intelligent content I may not be able to generate just yet, please accept this humble link in order that you may not be bored to tears at work again.

I'm an aviation geek. I read NTSB reports for fun. Therefore things like FlightRadar24 keep me entertained for hours on end, even if I do have to reload every 30 minutes. Take a look at McCarran -- where I'm coming from -- and Logan International -- where I'll eventually be landing. Both are busy as hell.


  1. I'm on tenterhooks - TENTERHOOKS, I TELL YOU - waiting to hear your thoughts on J2, the fangirls, and most especially the fragrant Mr Collins...

    1. I got briefly mauled by Misha during a photo-op, which I suspect was the end goal of about 95% of the people who showed up to that conference. Don't ever tell him you're afraid of nothing unless you really mean that.


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