Desperately clinging to what now?

Paris Hilton Desperately Clings to Youth in Video "Drunk Text"

First and foremost: That "song" is goddamn awful. It's a waste of a craptastic generic backbeat. I don't think anyone in the universe would argue with that.

I do, however, wish to throw in my lot with the commenters who raised an objection with the idea that Paris Hilton is desperately clinging to youth. She's 31. Thirty-one is not old. Thirty-one is, in fact, still quite young. What Paris Hilton is desperately clinging to is a public persona that started out kind of hilariously stupid, and has now outlived the joke. She is not funny anymore; she has progressed to pathetic.

Whether Paris Hilton recognizes that is an open question in my mind. In previous interviews, she's shown some evidence of being cognizant of how most people regard her bitchy party-girl image, but also an awareness that the bitchy party-girl thing is what made her a great deal of money. She may or may not be that shallow in real life, but she gives the impression that she is every bit as self-centered. Even her publicists can only do so much to mitigate it. She may or may not notice that it's getting rather played out.


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