The archival of "Himmmm"

The articles about "Himmmm" have been put back up, in edited form. The reason for this is that one of the people fingered as the poster has supposedly gotten very angry and posted a cease and desist letter to one of the major sites dedicated to investigating the phenomenon. The articles I had written about it, strictly as a sociologist and an amateur forensic linguist, have driven a lot of traffic to my blog, and garnered quite a bit of commentary.

I removed them for a while so that I could work out what to do about the C&D. I have not still not received any emails from anyone, particularly lawyers, on the subject. Personally I think that the C&D does not outline a valid case, and that the only reason it would ever get in front of a judge at all is if the judge had written up a really smashing diatribe against frivolous lawsuits and wanted to deliver it in person before throwing the whole thing out. Still, there is always the chance that the suspected person is telling the truth when he says he had nothing to do with any of it, and I am not down with wrecking anyone's life over a lie.

I have edited and re-posted them to remove the name of the fellow who is angry. After thinking about it, I have ultimately decided that it is safe and reasonable to post my observations on the comments by "Himmmm" without this, as a sort of documenting of the events as they happened. In US civil law, one can only sue for damages if one is the person who has actually been injured by the defendant. If he is claiming not to be "Himmmm" then he has no legal basis whatsoever for demanding takedown of any discussion of these writings independent of, and not connected to, his name. There is not a competent lawyer anywhere in the country, or probably out of it, that would tell him otherwise.

I wish to make it perfectly clear that there is no malicious intent behind these postings. They are opinion only. If I am contacted (via email, at by anyone who wishes them taken down I intend to be a reasonable human being about it.

Please do not do any more internet detecive-ing. Comments that mention or link to this fellow's name will be removed. I am not interested in being any kind of test case, even if the loser ultimately does have to pay my legal fees. I am happy to answer general questions about forensics, linguistics, sociology, and the general case of phenomena like this.


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