Note to GossipRocks

Dear everyone who is here from GossipRocks:

I tried to follow your trackback link and participate in your thread, but for some reason my account has been banned for "spamming advertisements". I have no idea why, because the only thing I've ever posted there was a hello-world message in the newbie forum, as directed. I would be more than happy to take requests for assessment of random YouTube interview clips or whatever, but since I apparently can't join in over there, y'all will have to come here. People go "Hey, what do you think of this person?" and "What do you know about this weird topic?" to me all the time both IRL and online, and I think it's fun to do the research. Questions, pointers, and non-public chat back to, please.


  1. The one new poster I can see who was banned there has image URLs in their post which lead to ad sites. Maybe you have some spyware that added that to your post?


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