"The Sarah Millican Television Show"

I have fallen utterly in lurve with The Sarah Millican Television Show.

She has the cutest voice I have ever heard (yes, I am aware of what Brits traditionally think of the Geordie accent, and I don't care) and she will be back to use it again in series two, which starts going out on January 15th.

Millican is the latest in a long line of one of my favorite comedic archetypes, the Dirty-Minded Dippy Blonde. Marilyn Monroe's movie roles were mostly dumb blondes, but she did DMDB live in press conferences all the time, such as the time someone asked her what she wore to bed, and she responded, "Chanel No. 5." Gracie Allen was one of the all time greats, as you can see in this here representative sample of the TV version of the long-running sitcom she did with her husband, George Burns.

The difference between dumb blonde and a dirty-minded dippy blonde is that anyone can play dumb blonde -- you just have to look vacant and confused and get yourself rescued all the time. Being a proper DMDB requires quite a lot of brains. You have to be sharp enough to know what the other person is actually getting at and know what response they expect and be able to think laterally to find another answer that's not so much wrong, as it is alternatively right in such a bizarre way as to physically hurt their brain. And then you have to make it cute.

The Sarah Millican Television Show is a show on television about television, which is just the beginning of her cheerful mucking about with the chat show format. There's a camera she likes to pass around the audience, an audaciously silly head rig she uses to Skype with her father, and when she interviews people, she sits on the sofa, and they sit at the desk.