Just as a side note -- yes, I am aware that there are Professor Layton novels/puzzle books out in Japan. To the best of my ability to determine, they have not been, nor are they going to be, published in any other language. The three are:

  • Professor Layton and The Wandering Castle
    (Layton-kyouju to Samayoeru Shiro / レイトン教授とさまよえる城)
  • Professor Layton and The Phantom Deity
    (Layton-kyouju to Kaijin Goddo / レイトン教授と怪人ゴッド)
  • Professor Layton and The Forest of Illusion
    (Layton-kyouju to Gen'ei no Mori / レイトン教授と幻影の森)
[Edit: Also that there's a manga called Professor Layton and the Cheerful Incident (Layton-kyouju to Yukai Jiken / レイトン教授とユカイ事件), which is aimed mainly at children. And manga adaptations of the games, and anime books for the film.]

If anybody cares to send me some of these things -- a legible scan or PDF, I mean; I'm not holding my breath for someone to send me actual physical books, although you can if you want -- I'll have a bash at translating them. Be aware that it will take a very very long time. They are each 300pp+ and will undoubtedly require extensive footnoting, particularly on word-based puzzles. I would not be doing scanslations, although someone else who wants to sit down and fuck around in Photoshop with however many illustrated pages there are out of the total thousand is welcome to do so.

I would be doing it strictly out of the goodness of my own obsessive little heart, although don't think it didn't cross my mind that a good localization of even a short segment of something that complicated and full of brain-trickery would look stunning on a résumé.