Vegas Hiatus, Day Five: I Bet We've Been To The Porn Museum By Now

I'm in Vegas with Moggie right now, conventioneering and being otherwise nerdy. I'm sure I've already racked up several stories, but you won't know that until I'm back, because I haven't bothered taking a computer. So's you lot won't be bored to tears while I'm gone, have some o' these here links to poke around for the next few days.

I've been reading the Straight Dope books since before I was old enough to get some of the dirtier jokes in them. My parents had what I believe was a full collection at the time -- a few more have been published since. Cecil Adams is a treasure trove of knowledge and snark. The archives will keep you busy for a good long while. And when you run out, there's always the message board.


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