Vegas Hiatus, Day Two: I'm Probably Already Hungover

I'm currently in Las Vegas with Moggie, attending Salute To Supernatural, because we're social scientists and we can't resist large groups of weird people. She also informs me that we have photo op passes, so at some point I'm going to be within a foot or so of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins, and there will be documentation of this. In the meantime, please accept this humble link while I am not here to entertain you myself.

Behold,, home of Dr Mark Crislip. Skeptic, geek, and specialist in infectious diseases. Dr Crislip runs a number of distinct podcasts, including:

  • A Gobbet O' Pus, which consists of short case studies and snarky commentary;
  • Quackcast, which applies what he calls "evidence-based ridicule" to healthcare woo-woo scams;
  • the Puscast, which is mostly-serious fortnightly reviews of the current literature.
He's also the author of The Persiflager's Compendium of Infectious Diseases, which is a must-have for anyone in your life who is a fan of the crazy shit germs get up to when you're not watching.