Vegas Hiatus, Day One: WHOOOOOO!

By the time you guys read this, I will be in Las Vegas with Moggie. We have agreed that this trip will involve both a lot of alcohol, and a lot of driving around in her new roadster, although not at the same time. All my luggage is going with me in the cabin, so I've opted not to add another 5 lbs to my load by taking a computer. Since I won't be around to entertain you in person, please accept this humble offer of random internet things to peruse in my absence.

True to the channel name, danisnotonfire is about Dan, who is not on fire. Much. He is the world's most cheerful emokid, though. And apparently keeps his apartment impeccably clean, or at least the parts of his apartment in camera range. Highlights include pancakes, his monologues about getting fired, and the fact that he compensates for his total inability to keep his skinny jeans up even with a belt by buying decorative underpants.