More scarves for sale!

These scarves will be up on offer here until March 27, at which point they go up for general perusal on Etsy. Default shipping for locations in the United States is USPS Priority Mail, for $6.95. For international locations or overnight shipping, please inquire at All scarves made of durable acrylic, which is weather-resistant and will not shrink; because the beading is all glass, they are hand-wash, block dry. Every piece is hand-made and unique.

Piece #4

Double-thick teal muffler with fringe, accented with a row of black and crystal faceted glass beads. 7.5" x 49" (plus fringe). $20.

Piece #5

Double-thick muffler in white with blue stripe and beading accent. Comes with matching bow-brooch for securing. 9" x 46". $20.