Scarves, Round Three

These scarves will be up on offer here until March 28, at which point they go up for general perusal on Etsy. Default shipping for locations in the United States is USPS Priority Mail, for $6.95. For international locations or overnight shipping, please inquire at All scarves made of durable acrylic, which is weather-resistant and will not shrink; because the beading is all glass, they are hand-wash, block dry. Every piece is hand-made and unique.

Piece #6

Light blue (color did not photograph well in close up -- the top photo is true-color, the detail not so much) scarf in moss stitch, with dark blue glass bead detail at one end. 9"x 46". $20.

Piece #7

Long royal blue scarf with points, dark iridescent and crystal glass bead detailing at one end. 4.5" x 86" (point-to-point). $20.

Piece #8 Sold!

Double-thick black scarf with yellow Pac-Man motif and pearlescent "power pill" beads. (Note: beading on this one is plastic rather than glass. Still hand-wash, air dry, due to the finish on the beads.) 5" x 43.5". $20.