Things That Are Nice: Day 17

Yesterday, I went Christmas shopping with friend of mine who had not yet seen the glory that is Primark. UK readers, are your Primarks as full of Lurex as the one in Boston? Also, mermaid scale sequinned sweatshirts, and holographic sneakers. The floors back in the fitting rooms have glitter ground into the carpet. Mind you, I am not complaining. If I had more money, I'd be knee-deep in shiny gold sweaters right now. I took this particular friend down there because she was told as a child that sparkly things are for looking at, not for wearing, and since finding out that she was tragically misinformed, she has been making up for lost time.

We also strolled around a bit downtown, because downtown Boston takes Christmas extremely seriously, and there are about five fully-decked Christmas trees within maybe a square mile, that I know of, plus they throw lights in all of the trees on Boston Common. I was going to include one of the photos I took of the official Boston tree, but I am a rotten photographer, so have one of last year's tree from someone at Boston Magazine who is infinitely better at this than I am.

In compensation for my photos of the tree not coming out, I offer you this photo of a rat, which also didn't come out, but which I am told is much cuter. This is what a good 90% of my attempts at rat photos look like. I was trying to take a photo of Flathead jamming one of his Christmas presents into his mouth (fruit-flavored yogies, for the record), but he kept hiding in the dark, and the one who wasn't busy eating wanted to know what I was doing with the strange not-food box thing.

Rats are weirdly good at figuring out what part of the phone is "looking" at them, and then jamming their nose directly into the lens. On special occasions, they casually sneeze all over it.