One of the things I'm working on now for Circlet Press: 

Ahoy, loyal readers!
Got opinions? Wanna share? Join our Review-of-the-Month Club!
It goes like this:
  • Pick a book from our catalog. We've got something for everyone. We've probably got stuff you haven't even imagined yet. We tend to run on Rule 34.
  • Email a request to with the words REVIEW REQUEST in the subject line, tellin' me -- your faithful marketroid -- which book you want, and in what format. (Ebooks only, please! If you need actual pages to turn, you'll have to buy 'em yourself.)
  • Receive your selected book! Enjoy the experience. It's not every day someone sends you erotica for free.
  • Sometime in the next 30 days, read it, post a review, and send us a link to where it went up. Amazon, Goodreads, tumblr, your own blog, doesn't matter. As long as it's freely accessible to anyone who stumbles in from a search engine, it's all good.
  • Return to Step 1.
That's it! So long as you keep the reviews coming, you can select a new book every month. We get your word-of-mouth publicity, and you get some steamy adult-oriented literature gratis. Free as in beer AND as in speech! What's not to love?