Hey, y'all. I'm doing a whole lotta stuff this weekend, but if any of the Cantabrigian natives want to catch me tonight, I'll be at Geek Peek. It's at the YMCA theater near Central Square, and tickets are $12 at the door.

Geek Peek is being run by Sirlesque, an all-male burlesque troupe which first came to my attention when I saw one of them peel off the better part of a Tenth Doctor costume at Club Oberon. In a moment so geeky I should probably be embarrassed about it, I noticed that the coat was lined in the screen-accurate blue while he was throwing it off the stage. It took me a bit to hunt him down and ask him about it, since I tend to be volunteering for these things while he's not busy stripping.

That one happened to be Ricky Lime. I've gotten to chat with all of them at least once now, but Ricky tends to pop up at the studio when I'm working, and has now tumbled onto the idea that I'm making all the 'hello there' noises at him, and not at any random who passes through the lobby. Sirlesque is generally Ricky's fault. He has been described to me by multiple people as, and I quote, "fucking brilliant". This is entirely correct; he pins my notional Gifted-Kid-O-Meter for a variety of different reasons, both intellectual and cultural. They also usually follow that up with phrases like "seriously ADHD", which is also true. He turns into Sherlock Holmes after a few drinks, and I have a feeling this is mainly because alcohol makes him slow down enough to process all the details he catches.

The rest of them are similarly bright to the point of oddness. I was at a party not too long ago when one of them rocked up, leaned on my shoulder, and picked a friendly drunken argument over the continued usefulness of the Oxford comma. (I was pro; he was sloshed.) Another one talked anthro with me, and then informed me that sometimes after rehearsals they don't bother putting pants back on before sitting down to play video games. At least one of them knows enough about comic books to mock Aquaman on stage.

So, yeah. Wanna see hot geniuses in their underpants? Welcome to Cambridge. YMCA theater at 820 Mass Ave, doors at 7:30, show at 8.