Some good things, finally.

  1. "Sure, I'll give you a month of Atarax at a time."

    Atarax (generic: hydroxyzine) is an antihistamine and anxiolytic with pharmacokinetics similar to the diphenhdramine and doxylamine used in various versions of Unisom. It's worthless for breakthrough panic, but it does work on my insomnia. It is dirt cheap and has no abuse potential worth speaking of, so the doctor is willing to shovel as much as I want at me. I just picked up a 30-day supply with 3 automatic refills, no questions asked. Hooray for small victories.
  2. "We enjoyed working with you before, and would like to have you perform again this year."

    I regularly get callbacks for local theatre groups like the Post-Meridian Radio Players and Theatre@First, but it's a whole different ball of wax when a producer actually hunts me down specifically to ask me back for something, no audition needed. Two of them have done it in the past two weeks. I don't think I'm allowed to say anything about either project yet, but it's nice to know I didn't fuck it up the first time.
  3. "Here's $30, go buy yourself some sanity."

    There aren't that many people in my life who feel compelled to give me actual objects for my birthday, but several of them have decided to send things early this year, to keep me from going completely and utterly mad.

    The 3DS is going to get a great deal of use. The original DS Lite, amortized over the lifetime of the system -- which still works dandy, a decade after I bought it -- is probably the second-best purchase I ever made, and it loses out to the laptop only because I use the laptop to do work that makes me money. I don't know that Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney really qualifies as 'sanity', per se, but it's certainly going to keep me busy for a while. Layton games always had a series of weekly puzzles that could be downloaded (unlocked, technically) for a while after the game was released, and apparently now that the lawyers are also in the mix, there are also some bonus case files.
  4. "I put down a deposit and filled out an application for an apartment today."

    Jazmin has been gracious enough to handle finding a new place to live while I was disintegrating. We're still hammering out the details of who will be subletting from whom, but unless something goes explosively wrong, we'll have some place to live soon.

    Apparently one of the things Jazmin said that convinced her sister that I was a worthwhile roommate to have was that I could cook. I'm aware that I can produce edible food, but I had no idea Jazmin cared that much. On the one hand, she's not really all that fussy. On the other hand, I did just make a tray of peach melba cupcakes, because we had frozen raspberries taking up space in the freezer, and because cupcakes are never a mistake.