Come, my minions, and recommend things!

Okay. Here's the deal.

I have hair. A lot of hair. Like, three feet of hair. It is very popular hair. "I love your hair," is sort of a background noise that follows me when I leave the house.

I love my hair. I want to be nice to my hair. I generally am; I don't own a blow dryer or any kind of styling iron, and I have no intention of ever buying one. It's stupid-easy to get beach waves or sleek-straight, just by sleeping in braids or combing it flat before I go to bed at night. I wish to keep this friendly relationship with the stuff on my head.

On the other hand, I haven't had a haircut since I was five. I trim it myself, with sharp scissors, and the last time I trimmed it into a sort of a hime-cut, only less severe and without the bangs. I would like to find someone with some training and much nicer scissors than I can personally afford to give me some sort of proper layered cut.

I just want a cut. No color. No styling. I want to keep the bulk of it as long as possible. I want someone who will give me a haircut that will look perfectly fine if I wash it and let it air dry as I sleep, because that's what I do to it now and I'm not about to change. I'm willing to shampoo and condition it in the shower, and spend maybe five minutes doing things to it before I leave the house. I can do photo-quality makeup in ten, I'm not fucking around much longer than that. It needs to look like I did that on purpose as it grows out, because God knows it'll be a year before I get around to letting anyone else at my head with sharp things.

I'm willing to pay a max of $50 plus tip for this. I already think that's insane, but if I only do it once a year I can deal. I refuse to spend more than that on a pair of non-boot shoes, ever, and I'm sure as hell not dropping $200 on hair that is getting along perfectly well with drugstore shampoo and being left alone. I don't care if they speak English or not. I can learn enough of anything to tell them the kind of haircut I want.

I live in Boston. Someone tell me where to go.


  1. Well, when my mom and I went to Fashion's Night Out on Newbury Street in late August/early September, we saw quite a few nice salons. I don't know how they'd fit in with your budget, however. Let me ask a friend who goes to school in the city proper and get back to you ...

  2. Your mother is an awesome person to ask about this stuff, I gather. If you or she have any more expensive recs, I can take the name and hang onto it, just in case. I signed up for Google Offers on a lark, and budget packages or 50% off deals at salons are actually pretty common.

    I also keep wanting to use the ones for intro lessons at dance studios, and, once, voice/recording lessons. Ah well. Someday...


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